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R Format#

Ottr tests are constructed by creating a JSON-like object (a list) that has a list of instances of the R6 class ottr::TestCase. The body of each test case is a block of code that should raise an error if the test fails, and no error if it passes. The list of test cases should be declared in a global test variable. The structure of the test file looks something like:

test = list(
    name = "q1",
    cases = list(
            name = "q1a",
            code = {
                testthat::expect_true(ans.1 > 1)
                testthat::expect_true(ans.1 < 2)
            name = "q1b",
            hidden = TRUE,
            code = {
                tol = 1e-5
                actual_answer = 1.27324
                testthat::expect_true(ans.1 > actual_answer - tol)
                testthat::expect_true(ans.1 < actual_answer + tol)

Note that the example above uses the expect_* functions exported by testthat to assert conditions that raise errors. The constructor for ottr::TestCase accepts the following arguments:

  • name: the name of the test case

  • points: the point value of the test case

  • hidden: whether this is a hidden test

  • code: the body of the test