Google Sheets Grade Override

This plugin allows you to override test case scores during grading by specifying the new score in a Google Sheet that is pulled in. To use this plugin, you must set up a Google Cloud project and obtain credentials for the Google Sheets API. This plugin relies on gspread to interact with the Google Sheets API and its documentation contains instructions on how to obtain credentials. Once you have created credentials, download them as a JSON file.

This plugin requires two configurations: the path to the credentials JSON file and the URL of the Google Sheet. The former should be entered with the key credentials_json_path and the latter sheet_url; for example, in Otter Assign:

    - otter.plugins.builtin.GoogleSheetsGradeOverride:
        credentials_json_path: /path/to/google/credentials.json

The first tab in the sheet is assumed to be the override information.

During Otter Generate, the plugin will read in this JSON file and store the relevant data in the otter_config.json for use during grading. The Google Sheet should have the following format:

Assignment ID Email Test Case Points PDF
123456 q1a - 1 1 false
  • Assignment ID should be the ID of the assignment on Gradescope (to allow one sheet to be used for multiple assignments)

  • Email should be the student’s email address on Gradescope

  • Test Case should be the name of the test case as a string (e.g. if you have a test file with 3 test cases, overriding the second case would be q1a - 2)

  • Points should be the point value to assign the student for that test case

  • PDF should be whether or not a PDF should be re-submitted (to prevent losing manual grades on Gradescope for regrade requests)

Note that the use of this plugin requires specifying gpsread in your requirements, as it is not included by default in Otter’s container image.

The actions taken by at hook for this plugin are detailed below.

otter.plugins.builtin.GoogleSheetsGradeOverride Reference

class otter.plugins.builtin.GoogleSheetsGradeOverride(submission_path, submission_metadata, plugin_config)

Otter plugin for overriding test case scores with values in a Google Sheet on Gradescope. Uses provided Google Service Account credentials to pull in the spreadsheet as a dataframe and edits test case scores by matching on the Gradescope assignment ID, student email, and test case name.

Implements the during_generate, before_grading, and after_grading events. Make sure to list this plugin as ``otter.plugins.builtin.GoogleSheetsGradeOverride``, otherwise the ``during_generate`` event of this plugin will not work.

The google sheet should have the following format:

Assignment ID






q1a - 1



Assignment ID should be the ID of the assignment on Gradescope, Email should be the email address corresponding to the student’s Gradescope account, Question should be the name of the question, and Points should be the number of points that the student should be assigned. PDF should be false if the student’s PDF should not be regenerated during this run of the autograder.


Modifies the results of grading by pulling in the Google Sheet as a dataframe and updating the scores for the test cases found.


results (otter.test_files.GradingResults) – the results of grading


Controls whether or not a PDF is generated by setting the token key of the grading options to None if any of the rows in the dataframe matching this (email, assignment ID) tuple indicate that a PDF should not be generated.


options (dict) – the grading configurations

property df

The grade override information dataframe

during_generate(otter_config, assignment)

Takes a path to Google Service Account credentials stored in this plugin’s config as key credentials_json_path and extracts the data from that file into the plugin’s config as key service_account_credentials.

  • otter_config (dict) – the parsed Otter configuration JSON file

  • assignment (otter.assign.assignment.Assignment) – the assignment configurations if Otter Assign is used