Otter-Grader Documentation

Otter-Grader is an open-source local grader from the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society at the University of California, Berkeley. It is designed to be a scalable grader that utilizes parallel Docker containers on the instructor’s machine in order to remove the traditional overhead requirement of a live server. It also supports student-run tests in Jupyter Notebooks and from the command line, and is compatible with Gradescope’s proprietary autograding service.



  • fix relative import issue on Gradescope (again, sigh)

v0.4.6: re-release of v0.4.5


  • added missing patch of otter.Notebook.export in otter/
  • added __version__ global in otter/
  • fixed relative import issue when running on Gradescope
  • fixed not finding/rerunning tests on Gradescope with otter.Notebook.check



  • fixed dead link in docs/
  • updated to Python 3.7 in for Gradescope
  • made otter and otter gen CLIs find ./requirements.txt automatically if it exists
  • fix bug where GS generator fails if no -r flag specified