Otter Generate Reference

otter generate autograder

Create an autograder zip file for Gradescope

usage: otter generate autograder [-h] [-t [TESTS_PATH]] [-o [OUTPUT_PATH]]
                                 [-r [REQUIREMENTS]]
                                 [--overwrite-requirements] [-l LANG]
                                 [--threshold THRESHOLD] [--points POINTS]
                                 [--show-stdout] [--show-hidden] [--seed SEED]
                                 [--token [TOKEN]] [--unfiltered-pdfs]
                                 [--no-pagebreaks] [--course-id COURSE_ID]
                                 [--assignment-id ASSIGNMENT_ID]
                                 [--serialized-variables SERIALIZED_VARIABLES]
                                 [--public-multiplier [PUBLIC_MULTIPLIER]]
                                 [--autograder-dir [AUTOGRADER_DIR]]
                                 [files [files ...]]

Positional Arguments


Other support files needed for grading (e.g. .py files, data files)

Named Arguments

-t, --tests-path

Path to test files

Default: “./tests/”

-o, --output-path

Path to which to write zipfile

Default: “./”

-r, --requirements

Path to requirements.txt file; ./requirements.txt automatically checked


Overwrite (rather than append to) default requirements for Gradescope; ignored if no REQUIREMENTS argument

-l, --lang

Assignment programming language; defaults to Python

Default: “python”


Pass/fail score threshold


Points possible, overrides sum of test points


Show autograder test results (P/F only, no hints) after publishing grades (incl. hidden tests)


Show autograder results for hidden tests after publishing grades


A random seed to be executed before each cell


Gradescope token for generating and uploading PDFs

Default: “”


Whether the PDFs should be unfiltered


Whether the PDFs should not have page breaks between questions


Gradescope course ID


Gradescope assignment ID for PDFs


Whether to grade assignments based on the logged environments


String representation of Python dict mapping variable names to full types for verification when deserializing log

Default: “{}”


Percentage of points to award for passing all public tests

Default: 0


Root autograding directory inside grading container

Default: “/autograder”

otter generate token

Get a Gradescope token

usage: otter generate token [-h]