Otter Assign CLI Reference

Create distribution versions of otter-assign-formatted notebook

usage: otter assign [-h] [-l [{python,r}]] [--no-export-cell] [--no-run-tests]
                    [--no-init-cell] [--no-check-all] [--no-pdfs] [--debug]
                    [-r [REQUIREMENTS]] [--overwrite-requirements]
                    master result [files [files ...]]

Positional Arguments


Notebook with solutions and tests.


Directory containing the result.


Other support files needed for distribution (e.g. .py files, data files)

Named Arguments

-l, --lang

Possible choices: python, r

Assignment programming language; defaults to Python


Don’t inject an export cell into the notebook


Don’t run tests.


Don’t automatically generate an Otter init cell


Don’t automatically add a check_all cell


Don’t generate PDFs; overrides assignment config


Do not ignore errors in running tests for debugging

-r, --requirements

Path to requirements.txt file; ignored if no generate key in assignment metadata


Overwrite (rather than append to) default requirements for Gradescope; ignored if no REQUIREMENTS argument